E  L  I  A  S      R  A  H  B  A  N   I

Jad Rahbani
  • Composer, Writer, Musical Arranger
  • Sound Engineer and Director of Elias Rahbani Studios
  • Composed a great deal of jingles for the Lebanese, Gulf, Arabic, and International Markets
  • Composed a great deal of songs for the Lebanese Singers
  • A First Role Acting Experience in a theater play (Safrat Al Ahlam) for Elias Rahbani
  • Working now on recording his own Musical Album
  • Composed some of the music and songs of the theater play (HANNIBAAL)for Ghassan Rahbani
  • Born in 29/3/1968
  • Studied Piano, Harmony, Composition and Orchestration with Mr Hagop Arslanian.

E-mail address: jad.rahbani@lebanon.com

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